Thursday, May 27, 2010

Terrible News. Da-dum.

So, I don't know how many people already knew this but since I only get Spanish Google, I just found this out today. Apparently, NBC is deciding to be stupid and cancel the original "Law and Order." After reading the Spanish version of this announcement, a friend forwarded me the New York Times obituary for it. Hopefully, NBC jumps on the million-part DVD set soon, or just takes a break and keeps writing episodes (although this would be a pointless endeavor without Sam Waterston or S. Epatha Merkerson). Thank you, TI, for your TrapMuzik to help me through this difficult time.

من خیلی خوب نیستم برای اینکه یکی چیز بد رخ داد و من نمی توانم راجع به این چیز حرف زدم

Un evento pasó, pero es muy triste y no puedo explicar más sobre esta cosa mala. ¡Qué lastima para NBC!


Eric said...

Thank god for re-runs at least!

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