Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Picnic with Mahatma

Springtime Gandhi!
Every day on the way to work, I pass this statue of Mahatma Gandhi sitting between the two main entrances to the United Nations complex in Geneva.  And every day, I have been waiting for some beautiful spring weather to take a blanket out, spread it in the grass, and have a lunchtime picnic with Gandhi during my break at work.  
Winter rain Gandhi.  Best to wait for nicer weather.
Well, today Geneva was finally warm enough and sunny enough to make for a beautiful picnic.  I sent an email out to all of my classmates, and three friends showed up so that we could all spend our lunch hour for the day outside enjoying the beautiful springtime weather, with none other than Mahatma Gandhi watching over us.  It was a great break from work (our last week, too!), and it was so relaxing to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.
Picnic Gandhi loves Budget Migros Paprika Wave Chips too!
In other news from Geneva today, I found this brilliant cartoon from the New Yorker magazine that perfectly sums up our new copy machine system at work.  A couple of weeks ago, someone decided that it would be a brilliant idea to not let people print from the large printers on each floor unless they had their ID badge with them at the printer to retrieve the job.  Never mind that our office is notoriously slow for giving people properly functioning ID badges in the first place.  Or that now they have to retrain the entire building for this new addition to the printer which really isn't that helpful (as in, resources could probably have been better allocated).  It's not such a big deal for me, since I print to an old printer right next to my office, but the cartoon made me and my coworkers laugh.  Enjoy.
New Yorker cartoons are the best.

But now, only a few more things on my Geneva bucket list before heading back to the great state of Michigan in the USA to graduate from law school!  BOOM!
You're not too shabby, Geneva.


Shawn Oliai said...

I love it...Mahatma is always in to break bread with you. Heck he would have given you his. Glad you could do that dear.

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