Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Day in Genève :(

I cannot believe how fast the semester has flown by.  Already, it is my last day in Geneva.  After packing up my suitcase a bit, I met one of the last people in our Michigan program who was also still in the city at the Parc des Bastions (or, the park by Place de Neuve on the #12 tram, or the park with the Reformation Wall).  It was such a beautiful, sunny day that we just enjoyed all of the sun and walked around the old town. 
We continued through the Old Town until we passed down by the lake and the flower clock at Jardins Anglais and decided to continue walking along the water until we reached the Brunswick Monument.  I had my last dinner in Geneva at the Cottage Café, one of my favorite lunch spots in the town.  The restaurant sits right in the middle of a beautiful little park facing the Brunswick Monument and the Lake.
It was such a great experience this whole semester to live and work in Geneva, and to have the opportunity to do so much travelling.  I was able to get to know the unique city and country in which I was living, as well as see many different parts of it.  I was also able to see some new places in Europe, meet family, and continue to develop my language skills.  What a great way to finish law school.  Now, it's back to the USA to graduate!
Deuces, Geneve!
I'll be back!


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