Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Una Introducción de Guaraní

Part of the program that I am doing in Spain involves assisting an office that works with Latin American immigrants, especially Paraguayan immigrants. In Paraguay, there are two official languages: Español and Guaraní. Both are used with equal frequency by Paraguayans as well as in the areas bordering Paraguay (such as the border between Paraguay and Brazil). These are a few of the Guaraní phrases that colleagues have taught me:

Che iera (name) - Me llamo (name) - My name is... - اسم من ـــــ است

Mba eichapa? - ¿Cómo estás? - How are you? - حالت چطوره؟

Che sogue - No tengo dinero - I do not have any money - من پول ندارم

Akese - Quiero dormir - I want to sleep - من می خواهم بخوابم
Ajama (pronounced "Ahama") - Adios/ya me voy - Bye! - خدا حافظ


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