Saturday, June 19, 2010

Valencia Vacation

A lil while back (May 28, 2010), my friend and I took a day trip to Valencia for a mini vacation on the coast of the Mediterranean. Getting there was quite interesting, as the Madrid metro is slower in the morning and my friend had to come from the polar opposite end of town. I was able to keep talking to the bus driver so that we were able to catch our bus at the last minute. It's a good thing we did too, because one couple tried to steal our seats on the bus (this was actually a blessing in disguise because now the bus driver could direct his frustration at them and not us, the late American tourists).

The four hour bus trip took us through the mountains and some incredible scenery until arriving at our destination. Getting to the beach was interesting, seeing as street signs are used even less in Valencia than in Madrid and when they are visible, they are in Catalan. The unmarked, unplanned metro took some navigation skills as well, but it was cool to see that it took us above ground for most of the trip (making me question why anyone would actually purchase a metro pass in Valencia). Growing up near the Great Lakes, as much as I loved the Mediterranean Sea, fresh water is so much cooler than salt water. We spent most of the day swimming in the sea and chilling on the beach. One day is far too short for Valencia, a city that boasts Europe's largest aquarium, an amazing museum complex, and an incredible history. Basically, this means that I will need to return at some point over the summer.

After the beach, we wandered back through the metro and toward the center of the city. While we only had time to see the rooftops of some of the main attractions, we were able to climb up through an old gate to the city. The view of the city was more and more amazing with each level upward. Finally, we had to return to the bus to get back to Madrid, but I will definitely be back before the summer is up.

And it appears that this whole trilingual blog idea is failing miserably. In my defense, it is pretty hard to type in Farsi on a computer that refuses to connect the letters and has a screen smaller than an iPad. Also, I forgot my dictionary (which the parents forgot to mail) and there literally are no good online Farsi/English dictionaries. I really have no excuse for slacking off on the Spanish translations, aside from that it takes a while. I will try to update more regularly as well. Lo siento.


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