Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brief Update

Beautiful summer fields in Michigan
Just like the past several weeks, this week is no different with more and more intense studying and catching up with more studying on the bar exam.  But just a brief update with that and other things happening in the world.  My goal with these bar exam updates is to start with something positive, acknowledge a bit of stress (because this is real life), and then end on a positive note.  

First, the good stuff happening.  Although I am not able to enjoy as much of the summer right now as I would like, I have been able to take advantage of some nice things.  A walk yesterday evening revealed that beautiful shot above of the rolling summery fields and a bright blue sky.  It's pretty peaceful.  In a related nature note, I also helped a turtle cross the road the other day.
I have also been exploring new study spots in the city because I think I get too stir-crazy if studying in the same place all the time.  So, I've been able to hit up one of my favorite bookstores ever, Schuler Books, and I also made it to the Frederik Meijer Gardens to study before an intense thunderstorm.  
The Meijer Gardens has a beautiful botanical garden inside with several different rooms that always have something cool happening, whether it's the "Christmas around the World" in the winter (focusing on holiday celebrations around the world in December, and also including celebrations from other religions, despite the name) or the butterfly exhibit in the spring where the tropical gardens are filled with beautiful butterflies that will land on your outstretched fingers.  
The Meijer Gardens also has a beautiful outdoor sculpture park, with an amphitheater for some excellent outdoor summer concerts.  The Gardens is especially famous for the American Horse, a gigantic bronze statue made in 1999 by Nina Akamu modeled off of Leonardo da Vinci's horse for the Duke of Milan in the late 15th century.  There were two 24-foot horses cast in 1999, one for the Meijer Gardens and one for Milan (side note: I cannot believe that I totally forgot about the Horse in Milan!!!  I was in Milan!!!  I could have seen it!).  There are so many other cool sculptures outside though, that anything you see, including the cute children's park, is bound to impress.

Also, Iran and Bosnia play in the World Cup today for the final game for Group F.  Hopefully Iran advances!
Go Iran!
Bosnia and Herzegovina

[Update: Iran lost that game 3-1, so now Iran and Bosnia are both out, and Nigeria and Argentina advance to the next round.  It's too bad that Iran lost that game, but look at how Team Melli came together and scored this sweet goal!]

In other news now, the bar exam.  Enough said.
Willy Wonka is a condescending meanie.
Normally, I try to live by this motto:
But even the amazing Leslie Knope has her moments...
But ending with POSITIVITY.

Back to positive things.  And even better, these positive things are actually related to the bar exam *gasp.*  In studying all of the federal civil procedure stuff, I remembered that this also includes the crazy, crazy process that is a deposition.  Which reminded me about some of the crazy videos of depositions that are out there.  Enjoy.

1.  Tupac's 1995 deposition.  Start at about 4:30 for this exchange:
“Do you remember what year you started receiving fan mail?”
“No, I don’t.”
“And do you also get unfavorable mail?”
“Oh yeah, like this.  I get a lot of unfavorable mail from y’all.”
“From fans?”
“No.  From y’all.  Y’all.  You guys. The lawyers, the law students.”

Then skip to the 6:30 mark for more...
“Were you trying to provoke people to do things?”
“Could you tell us what?”
"Think.  Use your head."

2.  The Justin Bieber Destroying his Own Career Deposition.  Only watch this portion of the video though because possibly any longer would be detrimental to one's health and best interests.  Start at the 3:27 mark to listen to the Biebs admit, under oath, "I think that I was detrimental to my own career."  We all agree.

...But perhaps one of my all-time favorites...

3.  TEXAS STYLE DEPOSITION!  I told you I would end on a positive note.  This is ridiculous and hilarious and no matter how many times I watch this video, it is still so funny.  Enjoy the glory of the American legal system.


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