Wednesday, October 8, 2014

World Buddies

After spending time working in Geneva among international organizations and observing the United Nations system, specifically during its sessions during the 2014 Human Rights Council, one of the challenges encountered was reconciling the apparent disconnect between what happens at a very broad, high-level general assembly/HRC session translating into real, positive changes for people on the ground experiencing actual human rights violations and suffering.  Seeing the discussions happening in Geneva, surrounded by the type of politics that accompany such exchanges and knowing some of the problems faced by real people in other countries, is disconcerting and tough to account for.  The Daily Show did an excellent job in this segment capturing some of these feelings that many exposed to the system experience, and in doing so, hopefully challenged citizens and their diplomats around the globe to work better and smarter together for a greater, common good.


Shawn Oliai said...

I guess one place to start to develop better collaboration, peace and security is to bring more equality and justice for all nations, so that no one people or country is more equal that others.

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