Sunday, October 5, 2014

Early Autumn in the Midwest

Pickerel Lake at the Fred Meijer Nature Preserve
Fall is finally here!  

And while for many, this means too much talk of the infamous PSL (pumpkin spice latte), it also means some beautiful Pure Michigan moments.  Last year, I had the chance to experience the Upper Peninsula at the peak of its fall color glory.  
Lake of the Clouds
At Tahquamenon Falls
With ArtPrize (official site) happening in West Michigan at the moment, I decided to make it over for the festival as well as to see a bit of fall color around that part of the state (check out this link for more places to see fall colors around western Michigan).  Although the week I chose happened to be grey and rainy, it still made for some beautiful shots.  And what's autumn in Michigan without a bit of crisp, cool rain anyway?

This tree is so cool against the sky.

Look at that reflection in the water.
Love this one.  That tree is so cool.

In addition to Pickerel Lake, I made it out to the greatest lake, Lake Michigan, to experiment with my first time lapse shot.  It's nothing really fancy or long, and just before I got to the lake, the sun dipped behind some storm clouds so most of the color was obscured, but it was still pretty cool.  Next time, I'll be sure to pick a better day and to stay longer and/or slow down the rate of frames per second for a better effect. 
First Ever Time Lapse shot!
This is the time lapse shot on YouTube (if the format is better than the gif).  

And some stills... (although every time that I hear the name "Big Red Lighthouse," it makes me think of this scene from The Office).
Big Red Lighthouse
My favorite shot, I think.
With a bit more exploring around Lake Michigan and at Blandford Nature Center, it's a beautiful time to enjoy the best of the Midwest.

Enjoy the colors of the season!


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